Nihongo Wakaranai

Japan’s another view

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Kanji Wakarimasen 😅 ... Ver maisVer menos

Kanji Wakarimasen 😅

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tasukete kudasai

母母母 🤣


é assim mesmo

Haha, this is me every time I play co-op game with a Japanese player. Gotta let them know I can't read kanji 😂

Me as someone who switched from Japanese to Chinese before going in to deep with kanji: Zhùkete xiàsai

Amazing. Furigana would also work...

What does the message say? I can’t read it.

Someone translate to English please 🥺

What does she say..

Ability to get red hue from grey rocks - god tier.

Because they didn't read Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig

Is it just me who knows that most Japanese know how to spell help and know help costs less stones. 😅

I dont understand, this is a well known local belgium cartoon called Ester Verkest. Is this the Japanese version or did someone just photoshop this?

Muito bom

Wakaranai 🥲


The majority is hiragana

N she wrote sex is free

Lol my brain did t register what was different for way too long.

Ask for friend what she say

Só entendi em hiragana 😅

Kim DuChateau; weet jij dat ze jouw illustraties hier gebruiken!

Ahahahahan bellissima aahahahahaha

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In America this may be true. 😅 you can't assume their gender, you didn't ask. 😅

Eh? Eh? Eh?? Eeeeehhhhhhhh???🤣



Wilson Brigoli hehehe


¿Only in Japan?

Haruki Livas


Bro went ✨ inclusive ✨

Hj em dia é possível

the lil bro is crossdresser







Igor Cicalé kkkkk

Tbh they look like me and my brother so I guess they're right ahahah

doujins be like


A Modern Family

Gender equality !!!

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Ultrasalaryman ... Ver maisVer menos


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Very good!


Kix Kawahara


Sholeh Abdullah 🥹

Kurata Marcio

Bruce Milne

Urutora Bonasu!

Ultraman mo taihen desune😁

Rie Sarmiento Sugihara


Jona Marie

Dyna after getting into a universe with no monsters and having to get a regular job

Nihonjin Wakaranai🤣

Saan to sa Japan?

Delcio Oliveira🐥

Ultraman is life but work is lifer😂😂😂

Ultra shigoto

his costume was great

Eric Matthews. Mike Diez. I’m going back to work 🤣🤣

Tiagao Ishigaki corre aqui lembrei de tu com aquele meme kkkkk


Adam Isaac Pongsakorn Suthumporn

Un lundi comme un autre

ダステイン ハービー

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It’s actually funny

😂😂😂 demorei para entender!! 😂😂😂


Daniella Bustamante

I love the monk’s playful spirit.

Joules Lustro

Hifumi mini😅



Kai-Chieh Peter Chang

Pakawan Piriya

1,2,3 ini san → 3,2,1 Mini ? 🤭

Kkkkkkkk rachei.


Luiz Carlos Teshima Junior

Stefano Gabriele Invidia

Yasumi Alves

Poon Ekawipart

Ichi nii-sam?

Kauê Metzger Otávio

Alejandro César Gazzo Tight

Mieng Hama 🌝

Luiza Bruna Pereira

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Nihongo Wakaranaiさんの投稿の写真 ... Ver maisVer menos

Image attachment

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Japan Kabayan 🇯🇵 Takot kana ba ma SCAM. Ayaw mo mag benta,Pero gusto mo kumita. Message mo ako may magandang offer ako sayo na kahit nasa bahay kalang pwede ka kumita gamit ang Facebook. Message Only ❤️

Musclebound Miffy!

金城 梨枝


Sarah Hori

Ichii Menuju Lokasi

makes sense

Amanda Tsukiko-chan

Charlie Van Kamp

Dan Tomitake

Tara Miracle

Erich Tomita-Aves

Chuttarin Best Punyarachatapong


Tsuda Luciana

Once seen, you can't unseen! 🤣

Marc Reinel

Wtf 😂😂😂

Hong Leng Peh

OLive Venerdy

Thanathip Thip In



Azusa Takahashi

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Tsugi wa Omaeda ... Ver maisVer menos

Tsugi wa Omaeda

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😹😹😹 kowai neh!

Halaaa galit na yang train!😂😂😂😅

Andre Trindade Imamura

You're next!

Nellie Thawanrat

In Australia - it’s your shout.

Daniella Siciliano kkk

Love it




Proxima omaeda

Plus Ultra

Waqas Mughal 😂

Watashi?! 😅

Kenpachi Yamaguchi

Ro Bin

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Nihon no Halloween ... Ver maisVer menos

Nihon no HalloweenImage attachmentImage attachment+4Image attachment

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One of these is near to my home. lol 😆

Anna Yamana

the last picture needs a Morphing time. - "Power Rangers style"

Pedro Paes merry halloween achei blessed


Averly Mae Singian xD

Jacob Nope

Kaori Nagasawa Zoldyck

When I was a kid in the early '80s my family lived in Japan, and Halloween was not widely observed. But there was a restaurant in the neighborhood called the "Hallo Ween Cafe."

木田博斗 wwwww🤣

Marion Esteves

Lauren Andrews

"Let's Halloween" couldn't get more Japanese than that.

Bruna Fonseca happi rarowin

Kieran tag yourself I’m merry Halloween

Yappari nihonde , helloweeen dame da ne 😁

Que medoooo🙀


I've noticed this year has alot more stores selling Halloween goods. I'm happy its catching on


The intention is what matters 😂😂

Sarah Elaine Misteola William Solangon Briones 😅

Ahahaha at this point, they're all hopeless at trying to be a westerner. 😂😂😂

Kairu カイル

We laugh but right now Mariah Carey is thawing out Akira style

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Kansai ben wakanarai ... Ver maisVer menos

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Mhei Anne

Valeria Todorova




Richard Ebue Ramos II

Mark Moles



Miraz Hossain

Watashi: zenzen wakaranai.

Sou Yane 😅✌️

Bruno Mitsuo Nisidozikkkkkkk

Nding Nu Mai🙂


Michal mag chourei😂

Ahooo 😆

😂😂 eu gosto do dialeto

😂😂😂😂😂 it's true 😂😂😂😂😂


Marlon Nitor Mojica😂

This is so true😂😂

Asaf Grisero

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Japan is a safe place to get drunk 🇯🇵 ... Ver maisVer menos

Japan is a safe place to get drunk 🇯🇵

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Water intoxication.😆

Japan Kabayan 🇯🇵 Takot kana ba ma SCAM. Ayaw mo mag benta,Pero gusto mo kumita. Message mo ako may magandang offer ako sayo na kahit nasa bahay kalang pwede ka kumita gamit ang Facebook. Message Only ❤️

Exactly what we experienced when we visited. The best!

Rezzie Carl sayang

Stay hydrated 😇😇😇

I have done same way this year. My home’s brothers, good job too. I love Japan.

Okey, coming hahahaha

Bottled water only 😅


safe for boys to get drunk and sleep outside but not for girls.. so it's better to be safe 😊 been living in japan for almost 4years yes safe but not all the time.

Japan is safe, sober or not 🚫 Thanking the Government

Sana makaranas... Makapunta ng Japan, at makapagtrabaho..😍🙏

That’s a lot of water!

This is what I frequently saw in Shibuya and Shinjuku. Must visit!

Nhàn Hípp khởi nghiệp thành công ah

True 🤣🤣🤣

Ar Laine safe man ghapon sa gawas😀


Great people.

Lar Sv

True 💕

メリ ロセル😅

Nakatayo pa clang lahat😅😅😅


Chanthanome Keosouvane now I know why you are living there ahahaha ♥️♥️♥️

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Wakaranai 😵

Atama warui wakaranai..

Trr Khanhh Ngann

Keizoku wa chikara nari... Ganbaru!

Melhor 😂

Ari Shia

Shannon Ashley Flores Nihongo tabemasen AHAHHAHA

Wakaranai ….

Nihongo wakaranai

Anatano Aeigomo Wakarimasen!! Japanese Language Student May Be…

Se ela não entende nihongo imagina nós kkkk


Same here

Ceci Viruez

That's exactly the first sentence I had learned, years before I started studying that language :D.


Kent Ceadrick Cuales wakaranai besties

Maff Vga

Nihongo "shiri" masen! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sanjana Hewavitharana you

Tergel Enkhbold

Faltou o が aí kkk

Abby Navarro

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Nihon no meme ... Ver maisVer menos

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That guy is watching us ..staring to the future

Averly Mae Singian xD

Benbey Spencer

ሚና አሪኤል

Así nació Mox

Ana Karolina Santos

Iche Omari

Classic meme

Matheus Henrique Castro

Jeremy Johnson

El acercamiento de camara mas oportuno de toda la historia japonesa

Eder Okada 🦦🦫

Sawetpatama Meungcharoenละมองแรง

John Desu Gesilane Jikuariki

Victor Hugo


Miau Herrera

Istar Faustus

Karakama Lelis 😂

Ed Mali Sword un clásico

Essa cara dele de nani core😂😂😂😂

nihongo wakaranai

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10 months ago

... Ver maisVer menos

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Milene Kinoshita kkkkkkkkkkkk




Diego Koga kkkkkkkkkkkk

Algramai Gumabay

Domo arigato☺️🐾

Akira Di Nanini 🤭

Eve best kusuri in town 🤣

Kusuri wa mo nondemasen 😜😅 Herbal dake de wa iidesu. You try it, it's healthier. 😊

Cintia Kozama lembra hahahhahahha

Lo leí lo leí... Después de más de 30 años me acuerdo jajajaja 👏👏👏👏

Kusuri wa nai desu nehhh🤣🤣🤣🥲

Sit Yenxiang

Daniella Jade

Gita Thagunna dd 😞😞😞


Oi oi majikayo

nanda sore😂😂😂

A gente Paula Nakayama

Rhayssa Terra de Faria


Racquel Gumpad 😂

These days I just keep Eve and CBD around 😂

Franciely Hirao tem Dorflex aí parça

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Cuộc sống trớ trêu

True !

Amine Dekhil happy we ran away to Bali😅

It’s so trueeed


Hiroshi Yasutake kk


Wipawan Namatthaisong

Hahaha legit

As Always 😂

Tem de mudar a data do Yasumi 😂😂😂 num é possível kkkkkk

Obon warui

E bem assim kkkk

Sempre assim hahahaha

Jenny Bedrossian Dolmoghlian


So true 🤣🤣

Kim Ramos Rodriguez hahaha

Mondainai né 🤣🤣🤣

Bem isso 😁


É desse jeito mesmo 😆

Bem assim😅😂

Desse jeito!

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legit. 🤣

It fits perfectly well tho 🤣🤣


Carl Suemitsu

Maby Petroski Melere


very good

Mark Moles





me Johndel Obra

Jambay Dorji

All correct! Perfect!

Jessica Sakanaka

Yuri Saito us 😭

Otsukareeeeee 😂😂

yes Terence Tumolva

Elyk Jera Mercado

Kim Ngân quá mệt mỏi


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😂 #nihongowakaranai

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Sooo true ☺️

Nate Lacaba




Very true 🤣😂❤️🇯🇵❤️🇯🇵


Roberta Novaes

sooo true!

Ué, eu só sabia da existência do watashi 😅


JMario BoniLóp muy fácil skajakskslsk



Daniel Higa kkkk



É desse jeito mesmo kkkkkkkkk


Tatiana Aguiar sempre comento né kkkkkkkkk sempre complicam kkkkkk

Carlos Dani Navarro


Daisy Ree Antenor Almanzor 😊

Andre Trindade Imamura

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Mariana Dimitropoulos Sujiyama Watanabe Gustavo Hissashi Santos Sujiyama Watanabe

Victor Hugo eu ri

Gih Pereira

Gargalhando aqui

Simone Hamamoto as dificuldades de quem vem pro Japão 😅 rs

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Khui bia

:v ジェームス,明日仕事修理... 🙁 Sábado, última viagem, trabalhava com danpu, caminhão basculante, pensando 'última viagem, lavar o caminhão, abastecer, amanhã passear com a família, fazer compras...' chegava um chefe e dizia: 'amanhã tem trabalho, manutenção da frota...' 🙁 eu queria morrer...

Só que não, ashita aru chigotô, kkkkko

Era assim mesmo....kkkk.. Principalmente qdo era no sábado...q alívio 😂.

Demo né, seu hantai não veio pode ficar até às 22 h onegaishimasu.😅

Tradução: folga amanhã

Tori hada tatteru

C'est vrai que ça donne de la chair de poule...😊 Le repos

Gian gi ồ đề ki rự

Holiday is the fantastic


Frase maravilhosa.

How I wish 🥴

Sana all may yasumi

Só que não 😩

Rụng trứng luôn:))


Tayuan lahat ng balahibo hanggang kuyokot😅😂

O tal do haken até chora feliz.

明日 は 仕事 です!

ခက်ခဲတယ် နက်နဲတယ်😁😁😁

Ya sumo janai

shana oil😂


🤣🤣🤣 i get the chills everytime lmao

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Kanji muzukashii desuka? ... Ver maisVer menos

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Hai wakaremashita...o genki desuka?japan daisuki dayo

To be fair, his anger is misplaced, as kanji comes from Chinese 😅 I do love Jason's skits though🤣

This joke didn’t hit me coz I know Kanji is Chinese.


Kanji muzukashii desu yo


Muzukashi desu!!

Sou omou

only applies to 和製漢字 😄


Learn Chinese first, genius 😉

Why Japanese people 😆🤣


Que tipo más desagradable


Tatiana Aguiar kkkkkkkkkkk

Hoàng Thị Uyển Nhi so desu ne 😁

Gabriel Bento kkkkkk

Muzukashiiii desu!!!! 😩😓


Its actually why Chinese people and why Japanese people use it but yeah still funny.

Thiago Terazima

Tharu Dahanayaka

Kenji Gonzales

Tess Libranda Akatsu

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Alô conterrâneas!Finalmente um lugar que me representa ... Ver maisVer menos

Alô conterrâneas!

40 ComentáriosComment on Facebook

Natália Aiko lembrei de você…🤣

Ross Miyashiro e Daniele Fukuhara temos q ir para nos sentirmos em casa 😅🤣🤣


Na minha tbm

Próxima parada😅🤣cidade natal🤣

Estou morando na cidade errada 🤔

me mudando pra la..kkkk

Alooo 😂😂



Faith Sato Iyara Cristina eu chegando no Nihon 🤭😅

Ligia Alves


Misae Tsuyama achei sua parada! 😂😂

Migo Claudio Kats Shimabukuro kkkkkkk

Jessica Yonamine oi amor 🙂

Cristina Sato achei sua cidade 😂

Rhayssa Ferreira Yamaguchi kkkkk

Eduardo Miyamoto ai minha estação kkkk

Rouuuubeeeei 😉😁🤭🤭🤭

Isto é que é pertencimento !

Ju Cris

Naomi Hirano

Camylla Menezes

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Instagram Photos ... Ver maisVer menos

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eu mexo no ATM 😂😂😂

Compro é nada… vou direto ao banheiro…

Eu peço se posso usar. Pq aq no Japão nw se pode usar o banheiro do konbini sem pedir. Pq nw e banheiro público

Eu não compro nada , só falo toire onegaishimasu e depois de usar ,vó embora 😁

Entrei muito pra comprar desses daqui... Era uma média de 9L por dia... Na época era 167¥ com zeikin era 176¥... Hoje não faço ideia de quanto é.

Vcs compram algo? Eu só uso o banheiro 😂😂😂

ue, eu so uso o banheiro e vou embora normalmente

Q nunca?

Finjo que nunca nem estive.

Kkkkk Eu comprava chiclete..o foda lembrar o nome do chiclete agora..lembrei Flavono 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Eu compro uma água mineral 500 ml 😁


Nadia a mãe toda vez 😂😂

Compro café que por sinal é muito bom 👍

Antigamente eu entrava, usava e ia embora sem falar nada. Hoje eu aproveito e já pego um suco ou algo pra comer.

Aqui em Foz do Iguaçu eu vou na Pernambucanas ou em algum lugar público

Quem nunca !!!

Eu ia no banheiro e vazava..nem comprava nada 🤣🤣🤣

Suco de maçã e pão de melão 😋❤️❤️

Faço contrário, uso o toire e compro algo barato eheheh

Spoiler: sempre soju

Eu nao compro nada e uso

Normalmente pego um cafezinho ☺️

Cafezinho blue Georgia emerald blend😎

… ou só pra jogar lixo 😂😂😂😂

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